Learning a Language (Sort of)

When I was a kid and alone eating my breakfast, I would pass the time reading the back of my cereal box. Like any good paperback, Koko Krunch’s back cover was as engaging as any Nancy Drew’s – with a particular difference of course – it had twice the same content but in 2 different languages. The […]

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Kuala Lumpur: 16 months later


Some nights, I spend staring back at my reflection inside the train station and imagine myself just crashing at my house’s sofa and turning on the television watching some funny movie I’ve seen at least three times. Or sometimes, I would think about all the barkada dinners I missed out on in the 16 months that […]

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Jomblang Cave: Light Falls


Jogjakarta, Day 2 I couldn’t tell where we were anymore. The path was narrow and unpaved. If I walked, I’d reach there faster, I thought to myself as our shiny Honda made its careful way to Jomblang Cave. The Honda suddenly came to a full stop as a man with a hoe came towards our […]

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Borobudur: Light and Dark


Jogjakarta, Day 1 He held a flashlight up his face, like how little kids share ghost stories at night. Pockets of light danced around our feet as the rest of the curious travellers tried to light up the path to the infamous Buddhist temple. It was 4am and darkness enveloped us – yet, probably a product of […]

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Hello, 2016


Hello, 2016! Keeping it brief, this year’s catch-all everyday motto is #noexcuses2016. No more excuses for not having the time to write, not pursuing things that interest me, not making the time for seeing new places, not spending time with the people I love – it’s a bold commitment but the first day of the year […]

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The Art of Going Home

The Art of Going Home This familiar blue screen informs me that I have one hour and 6 minutes to my destination, Manila, my home. It’s quite funny how this trip came about – I had just abruptly booked my flight home as I was tearing up as Michael Buble sang Home in my green […]

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Hello, 23!

“Announcement in progress, please wait…” appeared in front of George Clooney’s face as the male voice of a cabin crew spoke into my ear explaining  that we were about to land. I was neither interested in the movie nor the announcement so I looked outside the window and saw the thousand little lights in the darkness […]

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