Third night in the city. The HKBU Exchange students went to dinner in Mongkok. It was eat all you can and drink all you can beer in that little Chinese restaurant. The food was good and the beers were huge. Okay not that huge, but bigger than the one I normally see. Going there was a challenge, our little group got separated from the huge huge group of exchange students. (Try picturing a hundred, even more, people walking together along the streets of Kowloon.) We had no locals with us and we were misled when people told us almost everyone speaks English in HK, so not true. So an exchange student from Lithuania was leading us. We were practically stopping at every store in Mongkok, trying to ask for directions. After almost two hours (I think), we finally got to find the little place and finally got to have some dinner. I’m getting used to this whole stopping and asking for directions thing here, it’s crazy but at least this week I think, my friends are finally getting this city, so I just follow them. I’m giving myself a month to master the train and everything. Give me a break, I don’t usually ride the MRT, north ako north. Haha.

LKF. After dinner, we decided to go to the famous LKF (Lan Kwai Fong). I’ve heard about it before, of course, since everyone is always talking about it. It’s the party district in HK supposedly. I read in Kathleen’s HK Tour Book that sometimes people buy beer in 7-Eleven and just drink along the street, not bothering to go inside the bars and clubs anymore since it’s more expensive. So as expected, we stopped a lot on the way there, asking for directions and waiting for people who got left behind and trying so desperately to hear the other people from their phones with the background of loud party music. So after that night, we ended up in this bar and yes, third world country, I was shocked by the prices of the drinks there. They weren’t kidding when they said it was expensive. It was a relief though that even the Europeans found it sort of expensive so that’s comforting. Haha. It was so um, cool, to see that people really did just party on the streets literally. The 7-Eleven was full of people trying to get beer and vodka and all that shizz from the place. Everyone just heads out to the streets, some sit on the sidewalk and just talk to people there, etc. The street was packed with people. It was pretty interesting. We ended the night/started the day, just sitting outside the residence halls, drinking coffee/juice/whatnot from the vending machine and talking about random things. That was a pretty good third night.

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are made for. -Grace Murray Hopper


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2 thoughts on “Treading

  1. We’re on our second week of school now, but I’m still totally gonna change my schedule. So ohwell. :)) And yes, parang di talaga nagnonormalize ang life namin dito. I keep sleeping at 3. Fun naman, really wish you could coooome here!!!

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