Rose-Colored Glasses

I remember wishing I was older Always something big around the corner But as the years grow by I’m growing younger Open eyes and head still filled with wonder.

-Plain White T’s Irrational Anthem

August 31, 2011. Third Day of Orientation: Hong Kong Tour (Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Stanley Market, Jade Market, Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Forgot-the-name Temple)

Thankfully, pictures paint a thousand words. I have taken so much more photos than these but I think these best showcase what happened during the HK Tour. I already feel bad about not being able to write about these trips immediately but thank God for pictures, these moments are frozen in time. So instead of talking about these places (which I hope my feeling artistic shots would do), I just want to share the feeling that, well, I’m starting to realize that there are so many things to see in this city and it’s making me realize that maybe it’s not just Hong Kong. Maybe in Manila, there are also tons of things to do and see – when you actually bother to search for this places.

The Bucket List. Ever since we got here, one of the things in my to-do list is to make our Hong Kong bucketlist. My roomate/coursemate/countrymate here has a book guide for Hong Kong and Macau and I promised her (since she wouldn’t do it) that I would exhaust the book and list down every place and everything to do while we’re here in Hong Kong. We only have four months here and we promised ourselves we should discover everything to discover here, down to the tiniest alley here in the city. We want to go to every museum (it’s cheap), see horse races, go to every park and garden, hike in the New Territories, search for the best bargains, etc. It makes me realize that these ‘parks and gardens’ that I plan to scout out here also exist in Manila. It’s just that I never bothered to check them, research about them and actually visit them.

Manila Girl. I remember my philo teacher explaining that  it is harder to see the things that are right in front of us. It’s not hard to believe because when you’re immersed in that something, you can’t see it for what they are. It’s hard to see something if you’re part of that something. Makes sense, right? So yeah, I am now convinced that when I come back, I shall make it a point to see Intramuros. I’ve been there and I think I even have some pictures with it but I guess I never really saw it.I bet that if I gave it a chance, l’d love it. I mean it looks just like the ruins we’ve seen in Macau and I think Intramuros is even better looking than the fortresses we searched for in Macau. (The ruins were great though and I loved my pictures there). Same with the museums and the parks (maybe just not Luneta), but seriously, I think that there are so many things I’m missing out on in Manila. I guess I am extremely guilty of being biased by places outside the Philippines, except for the beaches (I still stand by the fact that we have the best beaches evaaah). So yes, I shall remove my bias now and try to see things for what they really are. I feel like I am now mature enough to appreciate these places and like them for what they are and care even though they’re just a jeepney ride away. My country is awesome and I’m realizing it more by the day. I wanna see the world, definitely, but exploring Manila while saving money for my eurotrip sounds like a heck of  a good plan. 🙂

Yes, so I still have a lot of blogging to catch up to, so stay tune. (I was originally just planning to make this post just a simple gallery of pictures, but I just can’t resist writing something about it. You know meee. Haha.)

To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. -William Blake, Songs of Innocence


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

2 thoughts on “Rose-Colored Glasses

  1. taking our very own manila for granted is easier than expected. and it’s the sad truth that it takes us a trip to another country or anywhere else to make us realize how beautiful ours is.

    will always stay tuned, soul sistaaaah :>

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