Don’t Blink

Things are not turning out the way I imagined them to be these past few days (with our visa and trips and others). It’s like up and down and up and down and up and down, well you get the point. And these minor humps are getting to me more than I’d want them to (you know me). That is why I have now officially decided to let all the bad juju out of my system. Time to think positive. I don’t have much time to write since I promised myself I’d study this week and I borrowed two novels and I have yet to send my postcards but whatever. So I’ll make this short and sweet – like me. Harharhar.

Everyone says JTA will be the best four months of your young adult life, or at least, surely the best experience you’ll be having so far. Seriously, everyone says that and I feel like it puts this pressure on people who go on JTA. It’s like What if it’ not as fun as people make them out to be? Won’t that feel so bad on your part? I don’t know. I was honestly thinking about this before I left and talking to Kathleen on the plane let me know that I wasn’t the only one who had these thoughts. But, thank God, after around two weeks of being here – I could officially say, I heart HK. So, to accomplish the objective of draining the bad juju out of my system, I shall list the awesome “little” moments I’ve had here. I could even call them bliss (defined as a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy… undisturbed by gain or loss -according to Wikipedia).

With Lou (France) and Kathleen in front of one of the temples in Lantau Island

a) Getting hit by the thought that “Yes Timmy you are now finally travelling” and realizing it’s even greater than I hoped it would feel like, while walking through the stone statues in Lantau Island b) Seeing the Hong Kong skyline – which looks exactly like my desktop wallpaper back home – in person c) riding the MTR alone to pick up my laptop using just google maps on my phone and actually finding it d) drinking Happy Lemon here for the first time e) local students going inside the kitchen just to see what we’re cooking because “it smells so good” [it was just adobong sitaw] f) being known as the Filipinas who bring the sun into other people’s lives because of our ever present smiles g) laughing so hard at 2 am when we randomly shared Filipino jokes h) going down from the 19th floor with laptop in hand and earphones in place and entering our room on the third floor with For the First Time filling my head and feeling like I’m in a movie i) finding the boat after getting lost in the woods (story to follow) j) hearing people say that the Philippines is a ‘very very beautiful place’ k) running like crazy and going over road fences just to get a better view of fireworks (story to follow) l) reading a book under a tree on a windy day while feeling so deep and artsyfartsy m) enjoying the rush of planning trips, booking flights, trains, hotels and hostels n) saying something in Filipino to Kathleen then a friend replying, I know what you said – and he did (he just knew by how I said it) o) pausing at the part of the hiking trail that lets you see the breathtaking view of everything below and then making me realize that “Yes, I would like to see more.”

I’ve been looking out that window for eighteen years, dreaming what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be? And what if it is? What do I do then? -Tangled


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

  1. Aww. Saktong nakakainggit lang. I really want to travel also. Yung parang you can be anyone and anywhere when you’re traveling. Let’s go on a European Tour when we graduate please!

    1. OH YES!!! Nasa plano na ito, as in, I am working out a way to save para sakto lang ang pangEurope flight ko tapos the rest igragrad gift ko na. Seryoso talaga ako. Game, will you be my travelling buddy? :)) I am seriously forming a travelling group! Skype na kasi tayooo, daming kuwento. :))

  2. You’re so lucky you get the chance to write about these realizations/sweet anecdotes/fulfilling moments while you’re actually there. I’m regretting I didn’t bring a laptop or anything like it when I was in Eur a couple of years ago. 😦

    1. I’m sure you’re gonna go back soon and oo nga eh ang dami ko na ngang namiss na post pero I’m writing notes on my phone about all the stuff I wanna blog. :)) Nerd much? Haha.

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