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St. Paul’s Ruins, Macau. September 17, 2011. Here with FFFF (Filipino-French Friendship Federation): Melissa, Jihed, Kathleen and me. Yes, that is the name we call ourselves together, yes, I know it’s cute, thankyouverymuch. Before I talk about our trip, I just want to share that I love these three girls to bits. I seriously cannot imagine my exchange semester without them. To be completely honest, knowing that this semester would just be four months pretty much convinced me that I wasn’t here to look for real-true-best friends, if you know what I mean. I told myself: Timmy, it’s okay if you just find a small group that you can eat lunch with and can plan your trips with. Anything more than that would just be a bonus and since I am a worse-case scenario girl (though I still claim that I’m optimistic) I did not expect anything more. But no, I met these two French girls and they’re nothing short of (for lack of a better word) awesome. I don’t know what else to say other than they are awesome and because of them, I don’t think French people are rude (though a lot of people say so). Haha. These girls – despite the fact that they grew up miles away from us in an environment that is extremely different from ours – still manage to get us, finish our sentences, know what we want without us telling them, know when something’s wrong, and know just how to make it all better. And now that we’re halfway through this semester, it’s really sinking in that we’re going to be saying goodbye soon. I don’t mean to be dramatic about it, trust me, I really don’t want to be dramatic about it but oh well. Since I’m not very good with words when it comes to these emotional shizz, all I can say is that I love these girls and I know I will never forget them. ❤ I’ll talk about them and our other awesome friends next time.

Handbaggers. Okay, that’s a lame ‘sub’ title. Haha. So we decided to go on a day trip to Macau the night before that day (feeling spontaneous). I put handbaggers, because I felt like we were such pro backpackers that day but armed with only small handbags. We rejected the offer of this guy to tour us around in a private car because we felt we could go around on our own and figure out the public transportation with maps and everything. It’s very empowering, you see. I still can’t help but feel really amused and impressed when people really just look at maps and figure out where to go. I realized I never really used a map for its actual purpose with the exception of amusement park maps. So basically, we were able to go around Macau with no clear plans – which I think made the trip a lot more incredible. I had no idea what we were going to do there. I don’t know how to gamble and playing on slot machines would be corny but I do know about the ruins if St. Paul and I’ve always loved it on pictures. So when I saw it, the moment was surreal, again, like most of the times we go out here. I’m starting to learn that the perfect trip is just a matter of the right mix of things: the sun, the place and the people. It doesn’t take the most exotic place in this world to make a trip super worth it. Lesson learned. Not that I’m saying Macau wasn’t beautiful, it was.

The sun was high and bright that day, I know I got at least two shades darker after the trip but I stopped caring a long time ago (morenas represent). After getting over the heat of the sun, I realized how it made the pictures really nice and clear. So thank you hot sun!

From Top-Bottom: Senado Square, where we bought lunch in McDonalds, bought I heart Macau shirts and looked around the shops; then went up to Fortaleza de Monte; went back down to see a Chinese dragon dance; ferry ride picture; views from the bus going to a beach on the opposite end of the island (most probably Hac Sa Beach); ate in a Portuguese restaurant (forgot the name) with Filipino servers and a Filipino band; playing Kill, Marry, F-ck while waiting for the bus; Casino Lisboa which was a lot nicer outside than the inside, I always imagined casinos to be super fancy inside especially the huge bright ones. This is also where we saw a lot of girls strangely walking up and down a corridor, like seriously, it’s like they were having a fashion show or something but they weren’t, it’s hard to explain. I still don’t know what was going on there; Macau at night and Jihed and me taking pictures in the fancy bathroom inside Casino Lisboa; waiting for the ferry back to HK because they said that there were ferries 24 hours but they wonderfully forgot to mention that all ferries are full until 6:45 am, but thankfully, our awesome French girls took care of it and we only had to wait an hour or two. And this is how I want to spend my Saturdays from now on. Haha.

I just came to say hello.


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