Boom Badoom Boom Bass

# 1 Seek out the beauty in everything and everyone! Time to think positive (again). I am now convinced that wherever you are, you will find something beautiful and worth sharing about – which I know applies to people as well. I need to make extra effort to see the good in everyone. Nothing is simply black or white and it’s all a matter of perspective.

# 2 Not care what people think or say about me. Exception if these people are friends or family who actually know me and care what happens to me. Cheesy sounding and super cliche but well I have to keep it in mind always. How many times have I been prevented from doing something because I might get stabbed (figuratively and literally hoho) when I did something which was perfectly harmless and only concerns myself? The goal is to lessen that. It could be the last year, you know (hopefully not), so why bother thinking about insignificant things? In the words of Joe in Princess Diaries, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”. More importantly, in the words of Bon Jovi, “It’s my life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever. I just wanna live while I’m alive. It’s my life. My heart is like an open highway. Like Frankie said, I did it my way. I just wanna live while I’m alive ’cause it’s my life.” Powerful words, right there.

# 3 Be less pusong bato. So a lot of people know/think I have a heart of a rock (but I cry in seconds). I don’t know why. There are certain things I hate being/appearing emotional about, especially stuff that don’t directly concern me. I could be very selfish when I think it’s reasonable. But then I realized the value of sympathizing more, mostly when I watched 100 Days to Heaven and saw how alike I am with the lead and sided with her often in her ‘misdeeds’ (funny but true), so yes, time to change. Just because something is correct objectively (or legally in the show’s case), doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. I need to be more giving of myself, less materialistic and be a lot more sensitive. This is going to be a challenging year. Haha.

And of course, the mini-resolutions:

a) Drink more water. I’ve improved a lot in 2011 already, especially since it was one of my resolutions last year; but I need to be more consistent. I realized I drink a lot already when I’m at home but not when I’m in school. So, time to drink a lot of water all the time.

b) Maximize my planner. I always buy planners with many lines and many little boxes for Things-to-Do, etc. but I never really get to write much in them. This year I bought a simpler planner but I hope I still get to actually write the things before they happen.

c) Continue to blog. My goal this year (although the upcoming semester is known to be the hardest evaah) is to write one post a week, or at least one every two weeks. I’m really liking wordpress which  hopefully is enough incentive to continue blogging here.

d) Read the newspaper and world map. I’ve finally realized these two are obligatory.

2011 has been one of the best years ever. It was full of blessings, dreams coming true and moments of pure bliss. Let’s go 2012, I know it keeps getting better and better. (Already thinking positive and it’s not yet 2012, you go Timmy!)

Hong Kong National Day, Tsim Sha TsuiOctober 1, 2011. Blindly following a huge crowd resembling a mass migration and climbing over metal barricades to get the perfect view while wearing skirt and wedges led me, Melissa and Kathleen to witness a breathtaking fireworks display: really big colorful circles radiating from dots in the night sky.


I’ve done it before, I can do it again.


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

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