Hong Kong Halloween

Who knew I would have my big Halloween dream in Hong Kong? Haha. I didn’t get to Trick-or-Treat. That ship has probably sailed for me 5 years ago anyway. At least, I got to dress up and scream and laugh and do these awesome things instead.

Ocean Park Halloween Bash. October 19, 2011. Early halloween spent in Ocean Park where they had many haunted houses with really scary characters walking around and scaring you like a pro. We also got to try out some rides inside the park which I could handle much more than the haunted houses. Haha.

Yang Hall Haunted House. October 24, 2011. My dorm hall (Yang) has this annual haunted houses set up in our residence halls. Their costumes and make up were pretty good. And, as I get scared very easily, I kept my head down while walking through the houses, just like what I did in Ocean Park.

Halloween at LKF. October 31, 2011. Now this was another experience altogether. From the MTR station, the place was already packed. There were so many people, the guards had to divert the people to another exit and the whole walk to Lan Kwai Fong took an hour long. (Note: It takes two minutes if the usual exit was open.) I felt like we were entering a concert that did not pre-sell tickets and everyone was hoping for a spot. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though, so many people had interesting costumes. Some went all out for this, like the first guy on the first picture. There were a lot of groups like this and they really were scaring people in the line. They were pretty good, even better than the Ocean Park people. When we finally got to the district itself, it was dancing and taking pictures with the most interesting costumes on the street. Awesome Halloween night.

Will you be Pocahontas or sexy Pocahontas?


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