Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China. November 19, 2011. I didn’t know about this place until I arrived in Hong Kong. Apparently, this place was also built in the 1400s! The place is huge and there’s a park inside it. The temples where beautiful and so intricately designed. It deserved a photo album post.

Trivia. The circular building (which is the most photographed structure inside the complex I think) is called the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. According to wikipedia (again), it was built originally with just wood and no nails but wad destroyed so it was rebuilt. The one in the last two pictures are part of the Circular Mound Altar. It was usually used to pray for rain during drought and the structure and the smoothness of the altar cause the voices on this platform to be amplified. The emperor’s prayers would then be loud in the center of the altar, making his prayers heard by the heavens. Pretty cool. (Learning from wiki. ) Just to add, there’s another place that has an Echo Wall, where (from the name), when you talk on one side of the circular wall, you can clearly hear it on another point in the wall. Geometry physics stuff but still pretty awesome.


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