Wine and Cheese

Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival. October 29, 2011. So this festival is this pretty huge fair or expo of different wine brands from different countries, also lots of cheese varieties (a looot), really cute bakeries and others (e.g. dumplings and lechon). A lot of the vendors were foreigners and the fair is  actually sort of divided according to country (if I remember correctly). There were also live performances in one part of the place and people everywhere had wine glasses and doing some serious wining and dining. You can buy wine tokens for HK$10 each which gets you one glass of wine of your choice (any type of wine in the fair). Some wines require you to give two wine tokens but since we were with our beautiful friend Melissa who charmed a lot of vendors, we got away with using just one for all our wine choices. Haha. I learned three things that night.

One. I know nothing about cheese. All I know are cheddar and mozzarella and maybe some other cheese in Yellow Cab‘s four cheese pizza but apparently there’s so much more to life than just those four cheeses! Haha. Melissa bought this meal with melted Raclette all over it (fifth picture). It was so good. I was so amused with the half of cheese being heated from below and this French chef scraping off the gooey Raclette of the cheese ball to the bread and cold cuts and everything else in that French meal. I bought another French meal, a smaller one with no Raclette. I don’t remember what cheese was included there but it was also very good. Glad I tried it!

I learned later on that Asians come from a lactose intolerant race. And maybe that’s why we’re not so big on cheese compared to Europeans. I later got to try cheese from Melissa’s hometown (I can’t remember what it’s called, I’ll ask later) and cheese from Holland! So many cheeses and in so many forms. Good to know, good to know.

Two. You can injure people with some French bread. I forgot what bread we took home for Jihed but I just remember it’s so hard. It’s really good but it’s hard. We took turns pinching off the bread when we got back to the dorms. I only ate a few pinches but I went to bed pretty full. No wonder most of them say that the ‘white bread’ (aka Tasty) is not real bread because it has “nothing” inside compared to their rock hard bread. They’re kidding of course but now I get why they can get through most of the day with just eating bread.

Three. I do not like real wine. They taste so bitter and pasty and strange. I mean I feel the authenticity of the wine (haha) but it was really strong. I think I have to attend some hardcore training or wine appreciation courses so I’d understand why these things are so expensive and well, how you can tell different brands/countries of origins apart. They all tasted the same to me. At the end of that night, I still preferred cheap ol’ Novelino to those wines.

Going to that festival was a great experience! Learned a lot, tasted a lot of new things and felt so cultured. Even though I didn’t like the wine, I loved the cheese and the different pastries! I would love to try more food expos/fairs here and around the world. Mercato or Binondo, anyone?

Rule # 32: Enjoy the little things.


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