Heigh Ho

Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls. November 26, 2011. Hidden somewhere in the New Territories. We joined the HKBU Mountaineering Association because our friend Mikee Lee told us it would be a good idea to join them on their hikes. Glad we followed his advice since we got to see this waterfall with them. It was a pretty long hike (maybe not for pro hikers but for lampa me, it was long and high). We went to the different points of the waterfall (bottom fall, middle fall, high fall?) The place was good, the water was cool and the falls were making loud but peaceful noises. It was nice to just sit down on a nice looking rock and watch the water fall.

Lamma Island. October 9, 2011. Our first trip with the mountaineering association but we ended up with Dong and Bernie (our favorite Austrians). We ran into them in the beach and decided to tag along with them. We hiked into this “path”. It really wasn’t a path. I remember we stopped at this viewing pavilion, saw the beach and Bernie said “Okay, I think we can go down here.” And so we did, and really fought against vines and tall grasses. Again, panicky me thought we were lost and we wanted to go back but a few more steps (made possible with Bernie’s determination), we found this quite strip of beach with few people. Wisdom earned. Haha. I was not prepared to swim, and there was no shade in that peaceful strip and so I stayed under Dong’s umbrella. Of course.A few weeks later, we came back with Jihed, Melissa, Chloe and Pierre. This time prepared with our swimsuits but I decided not to swim because there was something strange in the water. So, instead, I bought this bubble thing and spread bubbles in that beach and we played Uno cards. Three days well spent! 

P.S. Kathleen and I never got this hiking gear right. First time we hiked, we had our shoulder bags. Second time we hiked, we borrowed a backpack but the place turned out to be a beach, not really something you’d want a backpack for. In fact, a girl from the mountaineering club came wearing a long sheer skirt. Turned out she was more prepared than us. Plus, I didn’t get to bring a swimsuit because didn’t think I could swim. Third time, prepared but decided not to swim. Fourth time (waterfalls), we thought shoulder bags would be fine again. We were wrong. We thought maybe we would need swimsuits this time. We were wrong. Again. The place was cold and nobody planned to bathe in the river. So yeah. I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson there somewhere but I haven’t gotten to figuring that out yet. Hoho.

It’s the climb.


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