Flashback Friday!

Coco Beach, Puerto Galera, Mindoro. March 29-31, 2006. I call this Flashback Fridays! Though this is a big commitment and I’m sure I won’t be able to keep this up. It’s hard to dig up old pictures, you know. Since I know I will be posting about our recent Puerto Galera long weekend trip, I wanted to post pictures taken the first time I’ve been to Mindoro. Our cameras sucked then and we only had a few pictures but it’s okay.

Puerto Galera is where I first fell in love with the sea. My favorite memory will always be the one where we were dragged by a small boat to see everything underwater. My breath was really taken away (as if breathing through the snorkeling gear wasn’t hard enough). I felt it was a whole different world down there, and it seemed like one huge garden underwater. Awesome. (Note: I must learn how to scuba dive very soon.) The resort we stayed in (Coco Beach) was very nice as well. We stayed in small nipa huts and as you can see the resort has a very nice pool. I remember they also have silent pools and some places where you can play different games.

Even arriving at the place was extra special. There were people with guitars welcoming you while singing and offering you nice shell necklaces and buko juice served in the actual buko. Haha. I loved the place and it’s just one among the many beaches in this awesome country. It’s more fun in the Philippines and I’m super proud of it! My family has this goal of going to all these beaches featured in one calendar. We’re still far from completing it but we’re working on it!

I’m so excited because really I’ve never been to like a paradise before. – Ilkka, before going to Coco Beach


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