#3 Postcards. I must admit that my days have gotten better compared to the past few weeks which is probably because that dreaded long test is finally over, I got to talk and eat with friends, I got my first call, I got to watch Revenge and sleep in peace. Though stressful days are still coming up (that’s life), I shall strive to choose happiness. And so, another addition to my list of little joys: postcards!

Signed, sealed, delivered and they’re mine! I want mooore! I edited it through Lightroom because the quality of the photo taken from my phone sucked. Thank you Cel, Kat, Edz, Jihed, Melissa, Eric, Dong for these!

A week ago, I received two postcards. One from Penang, Malaysia from a friend I badly miss: Eric. He sent it while he was vacationing there instead of attending his classes in HK (Eric, Eric, Eric). The other one is from my bestpeeegh who lives just a few kilometers from my house. Yaay for pleasant surprises.

I think my first postcard ever came from Cel while she was doing her AIESEC Internship in Malaysia (also in Penang). I think she got back before I got the postcard but I was still very much happy when I  found it wedged through our window. It’s not the person’s absence that makes it special, I think. More than that, what makes it special is the distance that pretty little card travelled just to deliver a short message. No one really writes anything mind-blowing or specifically life-changing in a postcard. Aside from the fact that anyone could read it (if it’s not in an envelope of course), the space for the message is so small that makes it seem that it’s not really the point. The pictures are great, of course, especially since they remind me of the dream of seeing the world. The stamps are pretty interesting too because they look so old-fashioned and I love almost everything old-fashioned. But, I guess what makes me really happy in getting postcards is that I feel like I have a part of that person delivered to me. Chos, but true.

The beauty of postcards is that it’s something concrete. You can touch it, smell it, taste it even. The messages are always handwritten and I hope that never changes. Letters from friends are always better when handwritten, no matter how bad the handwriting is. You are assured that the card left their hands, passed on through different people and placed in different places until it finally reaches your hands. Unlike email or chat or even skype, you can creatively imagine how the message eventually arrived at your door. I guess sending through post makes a message so much more dramatic that a simple “I miss you” written on the back of a touristic photograph beats a long email telling me in detail what I’ve missed. I appreciate the long emails too, of course, I’m just saying that there’s something different about getting postcards. I guess living in a world where many things can be done in just a few seconds, clinging on to “ancient” things that almost lose their meaning makes holding on to them all the more meaningful and special. Cheesy but I just really love getting them – justified. Haha.

 First postcard in history according to Wikipedia.

 Leap Day. Today is February 29! I don’t know why all of a sudden this day means so much to me. I care about it more than 11.11.11 day. So strange, it suddenly made me think what I did last leap day. Well, I really can’t remember except that it was four years ago. Duy. What happened in the past four years? Mmhmm. I left Pisay with a repaired heart (chos), tried wakeboarding, entered college, got hurt, turned eighteen, lived in Hong Kong, forgave and somehow I find myself now in a very familiar place – the same place I was in four years ago. And so, I pray to God that I don’t make the same mistake twice and hope for the best. Here’s to learning from the past and moving forward!

 Haay, life.


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