Dress Up

Meet Aiko. Taken in Camp Suki (Costume Rental Store) in early 2010.Or you might have known her as Ian or Renee or Claudia or Cielo as she goes by many names. I love this girl because: 1) I’m taller than her. 2) She is one big ball of fun and crazy. 3) She’s malandi like ever. 4) She always listens to my stories even though they keep on repeating or they’re really pointless. 5) She has the power to make the people around her happy and she uses this power to make the world a better place. I’m sure anyone who has known this girl is thankful for that fateful encounter. Haha. She also loves kids. I could say that this girl would be the perfect mother. (Chos, ang layo pa.) There. 

Happy Birthday Aiko! (I am not  just saying these things because it’s your birthday by the way.) I know I almost forgot to greet you. I realize I’m starting to suck at remembering birthdays. I suck but I shall work on that. Anyway, I greet you here because I miss you and scrapblog doesn’t work. I was supposed to make you one. Anyway. We shall catch up soon! Sabi ni Fr. D there are friendships we choose to preserve and friendships that are merely convenient. I choose to preserve ours (especially because we have awesome awesome times such as this picture: costume hunting)! Though I haven’t talked talked to you in a very long time. I will soon! This summer! I love you Aiko! Shopping na rin tayo soon! Wish you more love and happiness!

About Camp Suki. Since the pictures are calling for an explanation and I suddenly felt nostalgic, why not talk about the place? Camp Suki is this little costume rental store located in New Manila. It looks like a house from outside, well I think it is a house, but once you find yourselves upstairs it feels like you’re in a fantasy world where fairies and princes and monsters are found – well, at least their costumes. They let you try on anything you want and simply looking through the racks is awesome. We were just looking for “evil girl” costume then but we spent more time exploring and trying on other costumes that had nothing to do with our play. Renting is a little expensive though but then again, it is worth it. All costumes are very well-made, every detail down to the smallest accessory is carefully thought of and placed. I did have a problem with the size but nothing a few pins couldn’t fix. After going to this place and trying on countless hats, wigs, masks, costumes, it made me me think I would want a rental store like this in the future. Aside from being such a fun business, it seems pretty profitable. So hooray for Camp Suki. Click here for their website!

A true friend is someone who will take a body bag from you and not ask questions about it. 


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

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