Meet The Clique

Exchange Students: Remembering the good times. I don’t think I need to indicate where these were taken – that’s the point. Haha. Random pictures taken during our semesters abroad. Since I’m not travelling around and I’m confined to studying in school and at home, I want to post pretty pictures of places around the world that my friends have been to (and me of course, yaay). Our batchmates are done with their junior year already while we are still in the middle of this grueling semester. Grueling is an understatement. They weren’t kidding when they said school would be hard once you get back. I remember this line from Big Fish where the author said something like time stops when you see the one but what they don’t tell you is that time catches up and everything fast forwards after. In a way, this semester is something like that I guess. Time stopped for us for four months, it was the most awesome four months but now those days are catching up to us. Everything is moving so quickly, it’s seriously crazy. But again, I just wanted to post these pictures to remind myself (or remind us) that even when it gets really tough, I think I can say this is still worth it. It was an awesome experience. Hands down. As for “The Clique”, it’s an inside joke. I love these people and we’re groupmates in a lot of things. I think this sem and the previous one would have been so much harder if I wasn’t with them. So yaay, thank you friends. Kaya natin to, let’s finish strong.

 We are young.


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

4 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. I’m at work and I randomly felt that I need to go to your blog and then tada nakita ko ‘to! Grabe I miss you guys 🙂 Looking back now, it is also true for me that I couldn’t have gone past those two semesters without you guys. On to our last two! 🙂 AJA!

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