Young Blood

Yaay. First thing that was forcibly registered into my brain today was that my article about my exchange experience was on page A11 of Inquirer, under the Young Blood Column! I was groggy, moody and disoriented (definitely not a morning person), when my mom showed me the article; but of course, I got happy and excited in a second. I must admit I have been hoping and waiting that they publish it though I have no idea how Young Blood works. I don’t know if they publish everything that’s sent to them or what, but however the system is, I’m still very very very happy I got to read it on actual newspaper – the type of paper that has always (ever since I can remember) irritated my ever so sensitive nose.

Reading something I wrote on actual newspaper! That feeling is priceless. The feeling that the editors barely touched it (again I don’t know how it usually works) is awesome. Although I wrote it around 2 or 3 months ago and that I haven’t checked them again since, it’s amazing that every word is still so strikingly familiar. I even knew which adjectives were coming next.  I don’t care if it’s mababaw for some or what but being published has always been one of those things I daydream about. In fact, posting a scanned part of the article and posting it here is something I’ve always imagined. Yeaaah, making my dreams come true one by one. Not bad, Timmy. Its actual happening makes me feel that I don’t suck at this: writing – which I enjoy doing just because. It makes me feel like I can do this, in the future, whether that future is near or far. At least I now have proof that I have taken a tiny tiny shot at it and my tiny tiny shot was reprinted at least a thousand times (again I’m not sure). Haha.

You can read the full article online. For the record, I did not come up with the title. I feel weird reading the title, it makes me think that someone had an eye surgery or something. And well, that someone is me. I didn’t know what title to put and my mom (who emailed it) added it apparently. Great. But it’s fine, I couldn’t think of anything better anyway, but still, maybe I wouldn’t have gone with “brand new”. It doesn’t sound like me. Haha. But anyway, thanks to everyone who congratulated me and even more thanks to the people who enjoyed reading it. Really, it means the world to me. Thanks thanks again. You’re the best. I remember writing in my blog before (which I never promoted) that as long as I get to write something that could potentially be meaningful to anyone, just anyone, then writing would be an awesome thing to do. Knowing that (at least) some people enjoyed my article is just. awesome. I have got to widen my vocabulary. Haha. And to Melissa who posted “i think you just successfully put into words what i’ve always wanted to say about my exchange program. thank you for this! made me reminisce about my own experience.” Thank you. It’s the best thing I could hear from anyone, I think. I don’t know her but I’m glad she felt that way and I’m even happier that she let me (and others) know. Loooveit. Looovethismorning.

As for the the guy who commented that I’m probably sheltered and not exposed to much information. Haha. It’s no problem. I agree. I don’t read newspapers and I only read novels when I have the time (though I really enjoy reading). As for the sheltered comment, I am not rich (I was and am on scholarship) but I am sheltered, I guess. So it’s okay. I just wanted to add that he may be right that I can experience other cultures without leaving the country, maybe, but I think I would be right if I argue that  of course having experienced things outside, having some concrete experiences to grasp, is an entirely different experience. With that, I respect the guy. He seems to be a very good writer, so yeah. Haha. World peace. Plus my friend said, “Hoy, that makes you legit. May haters ka.” And somehow I think she’s right.

P.S. Technically this is not my first published work (proud!). I wrote a short story before and was published in Junior Inquirer when I was in Grade 6! Haha. It’s called Alamat ng Mais and I wrote the story for my FIlipino subject. I perfectly remember the feeling of panic when I saw the title of that story on the newspaper. I was panicking  because I felt like my teacher would think I just copied the story! It took me one paragraph through the story to realize that the story was mine. I checked below the title (which somehow I forgot to do), and saw “Kuwento ni Timmy C. Caparros”. It is now framed and proudly hanging over my dressing table. Writing has always been a dream, I guess. I hope I get to do it more.

Here’s to the future.


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

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