That thing called future

The  Intro. So after a decade of not writing anything really, I’m posed to think to write of something explosive. I have no idea why, but, maybe because it feels like a comeback. The feeling became worse when my friend Calvin revamped his blog already by putting actual pages and fixing everything and including recent projects he has been working on (more on that later), and there I was checking out his new site and thinking to myself, why the heck* not write something?

I could list a lot of explanations why I couldn’t blog despite the fact that I feel like I have a lot to share. But maybe then again, having a lot to share because of having a lot of shizz happening means less time for actually sharing it. But as I was helping out in an event related to my summer internship, it really made me think, seriously, why the heck am I not writing something?

The Dream. The event was for Lancome where they launched Emma Watson as their new endorser. Click here for pictures and others. I am technically not part of the Lancome team, I am part of Kiehl’s but I helped out anyway because I’m such a good person. Kidding. Lancome and Kiehl’s have the same brand manager and I helped out with registration and handing out press kits. The event was awesome. It was held in Skye Lounge and we were all wearing white and everything looked so posh and so nice. But what’s better is that handling registration and seeing all the names reminded me of what I have always dreamed of becoming. Aside from my undying princess dream, I have always wanted to be a magazine writer. From the moment I read my first Candy until the moment I have upgraded myself to reading Preview and Cosmo, I have always envied the lives of the people behind those pages. Why? Read further. Chos.

I guess I loved what they write about, the pictures that come with what they write and how they write it. I remember being so amused that this was a real job. And so as I read the names of the people on the list, I did not have a hard time recalling which magazines they represent. Sure, I may have mismatched some but I was definitely amused at the fact that I could recognize a huge percentage of the names on the list. And I was starstruck (deep inside) as each of those names came out of the elevator and approached the big white classy Lancome registration table we were proudly standing behind of. And as they said, “Hi! I’m <name> from <magazine>.” and then proceeded to chat with other writers already inside the venue, all I could do was simply tell Cha, “Mygad, this is the dream.”

Emma Watson for Lancome, Skye Lounge. May 15, 2012. L’Oreal (Luxury Products Department) Interns Cha (shu uemura), Joan (Lancome), Me (Kiehl’s). I was feeling the photo wall. Haha.

The Reason. And I thought real hard about why this is the dream which made me think of why I like writing. Believe it or not, despite being really really talkative (seriously), I feel like I still have a lot to say and I get to say it through writing. Also, I always think of a lot of things. I like reflecting on things. As a self-confessed overthinker, I go back through my day and think of things I have learned and things I could have done, etc. And all of these I get to lay down through writing. Aside from the typical reason of ‘having something to leave behind or having something to hold on to, memory-keeping and the like’ which are also very important, I realized that writing will always be the better version of myself. I get the chance to edit my thoughts and present it in a way I want to present it. So different from normal me saying random things and going back saying why in the world did I say that? It comes with being madaldal I guess. Writing provides an opportunity for me to organize myself and my very messy but (I’d like to believe) worthwhile thoughts.

Why not journalism or creative writing? I was never into journalism, I seriously think I’d be fired first day on the job for trying to write ‘serious events’ in a much less serious way. Haha. I haven’t totally ruled out fiction but I doubt I could write a novel though. What I’d be really interested in, and I think it’s part of my list, is to be a kid’s storybook writer. I think a huge part of what shaped me (chos) were Adarna books. I’d read them over and over, including the part where they explain what the book is really talking about, beneath the colorful pictures and seemingly simple series of events.  Anyway, so I’d love to work for a magazine (one that’s aligned with my interests) because I guess I realize that these writers constantly experience new things.

Magazine writers get to try out new products first, get to meet tons of colorful people, go to events, adjust to the ever-changing trends of the world, read a book and watch a movie just so they could share their thoughts about it. This “job” is just too good. These people get paid to discover the world.  They are paid to pay close attention to the world, what it needs, though most of the time what it wants, what it has to offer and they dive in to experience it – and then they get to tell people about it. This job’s basic requirement is the drive and curiosity to seek out new things and the courage to try them out. You’d say that other jobs have this also, sure, but I think this is more fun. And having it as a job requires you to be constantly excited and curious about things and in this day and age (triplechos) where sleeping is such a luxury, shutting out the world occasionally could be very tempting. So yeah, the job assures that you’re always looking at the world through excited eyes, through eyes that know or at least have to believe that there is something out there worth writing a story about.

The Ticket. Talking about this and thinking about it make me question what I’ve actually done to move at least a little bit closer to my dream. Nada. Shaaame. Just creating this somehow public blog is (deepdown why I really made it) to try and poke an eye into this awesome world – through blogging; yet I can’t even regularly write in it. And so, I will try to make this pledge to invest much more in this dream. If there’s anything I should’ve learned from Finance, it would be that big projects need investments and investments are made with the belief that you would get something out of it in the future (different from a gamble where you really don’t know what’ll happen, investments is expected to give you something in the future). So I need to invest in this dream. [Another anecdote would be the guy asking to win the lottery everyday but then has never bought a ticket.] I shall be constantly buying tickets or working to buy those tickets. And I have a few things I have in my mind to use as instruments: one of them is to at least regularly blog. Plus, in case I don’t get my dream, at least trying it/trying to blog about things I experience, is almost just as good. The only difference is I don’t actually get paid for experiencing the world. But then again, it was never about the money.


P.S. I really ought to do the things I have always dreamed of doing. After all, I do not totally not believe in the 2012 scare. Haha. Plus the whole YOLO philosophy thing my brother keeps telling me. You only live once. That’s so true, anyone can die but not everyone lives. Grabe, words of wisdom right there. Time to live, Timmy. I won’t be able to afford a ticket in the huge submarine being built in China.

P.P.S. I had this random burst of fear a while ago about the future (hence the title). I have no idea where I am going to end up in and I’m not sure where I want to end up in. It’s starting to sink in, senior year’s approaching. The real world leaves no room for excuses, more on that later. Haha.

*This is not a poser term. I really don’t use it but I’m not comfortable writing down hell here though that’s what I really use. I have serious issues. 

Kids love athletes because they follow their dreams. -Up in the Air


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

5 thoughts on “That thing called future

  1. This reminds me of a blog I made about the future also. Something about this year is really getting to us. Shucks, we’re getting old. Anyway! I really believe we can make it. I think things are starting to fall in place, or whatever. Let’s start a magazine together – The Daily Slut. Hahahaha!

    1. Grabe let’s do it. Isip ka na ng name, I already know of a publishing company owner. Haha. Anyway, proooomise me we’ll try the Status thing, pero sembreak pleeease.

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