If the shoe fits

Shoes belonging to the Boy from Cupang. May 7, 2012. Belated Happy Birthday Renan! It is a shame I only have photos of just some of your lolo shoes. But, dear friends, I assure you that he has more. Haha. I remember seeing this boy from Cupang wearing yellow socks one day during the extremely stressful semester and I had no choice but to smile (but I must have laughed though I can’t remember if I did). Bright and sunny socks on a somehow dreary morning, bold, fearless, looooveit. And so to the most fashion-forward person I know, I wish you belated happy birthday. I wish you happiness and freedom to do what you want to do. I completely support you in this brewery business you have in mind as well as your Zara dreams. I support you because I have zero doubts you will succeed and largely because if my life falls apart, I expect you to hire me. Haha. Also, I’d just like to add that if only I had a decent camera, I’d personally manage your lookbook account.

Meet Renan, the boy from Cupang. May 5, 2012. See? He looks like cotton-candy here. I cannot wait for your color combinations this year. I challenge your pechay combination. 

Chateau Renan. May 11, 2012. Thank you for inviting me to your chateau which is a long long long way from “the north”. Though I just saw the west wing, I expect to see the rest in the future. And I loved your fountain and the whole Bali thing going on. Thank you also for your imported ginger beer – taught me not to judge beer based on its label. I shall see you sooon. Let’s go senior  year!

Good shoes take you to good places.


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

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