Winging the Weekend

The Weekend That Had To Happen

Mario’s Super Awesome Boarding House, Talisay, Batangas. May 26-27, 2012. We call this Ultimate Summer Getaway Number 1. There was a plan, a plan to have summer getaways every weekend for our summer before senior year (Avengers ang peg, dingdingdingding). And so this is the first installment. Mario was kind enough to let us in his awesome boarding house which is literally standing just beside the Taal Lake. The house had a boat driveway (for laziness to search for the right word) that connects to the lake.

I was so so so happy with the place and it’s apparently not as far as I expected. The house is very near Balai Isabel, a famous resort in the area, and can house many energetic people. Aside from the beautiful house with an even more beautiful view of Taal, the place also allows you to wakeboard, kayak, do the donut thing and swim somewhere in the middle of the lake (swimming right outside the boat driveway is not such a smart thing to do, you can see many things under it). I was never really a fan of lakes (haha) until now. You can rent out the place, though I’m not sure if it’s functional as of now, because Mario and his cousins (now in Canada) are apparently the only ones who can drive the boat the right way.

It was a great weekend, a well-deserved one, I think. Super na-feel ko yung boat and how I was sitting on top of the window. I was also thrilled I got to try wakeboarding where you get pulled by an actual boat. It was also kind of cool to buy fish from the market, try to prepare red egg and tomato salad and witness how clueless my blockmates were in grilling everything – not that I knew better. But the best part, honestly, is how we shared our exchange stories, internship up’s and down’s and of course, as the night grew deeper, matters of the heart. Chos.

I think this was a good way (at least for me) to celebrate the year that just passed – the year that most of us would say the best year of our lives, the year filled with exciting trips, hopping from trains and planes, always having our breath taken away by beautiful sights and surprising experiences. It has been an awesome year for all of us, and I hope that there could only be more from here.

Right, left, right, left, right, left, right left.


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