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That Beautiful Beach House, Matuod, Batangas. May 26-27, 2012. The second installment of our summer getaways but with only six of us this time around. This weekend was interesting especially because I brought my German friend Eric along with us. I missed this guy but really when he was already here and we were talking, it didn’t feel like we were separated for five months already. I am now certain, more than ever, that the friends I made in Hong Kong will always be my friends, no matter how long and how far we’ve been apart.

I must say that this weekend fit the very definition of “getaway” I have in mind. I haven’t been to Matuod before and reaching the beautiful beautiful beach house of Martin’s aunt was quite something. We kept driving through this strip (literally just a strip) of pavement that cuts through rice fields and just plain tall grass. The houses along the way were pretty far apart – seemed like everything was so simple. The beach house, which we eventually reached with the help of some phone calls and GPS shizz, really took my breath away. I entered the house and I fell in love in an instant. Chos. I felt like God was again reminding me of my dream of having a beach house. I used to dream that my real house would be on a beach front and I would only buy a condo or a small not-so-pretty house in the city. And if in the future, I do get to own a beach house, I would definitely remember this house and draw inspiration from it. Well, I guess that’s just it. I felt the house was very inspired. You could see the commitment to an overall look the house was going for, you could see it down to the very last details such as in the umbrellas placed outside the glass doors and the fresh bougainvilleas arranged on the bamboo table. I was never really about interior design and all that jazz but mygosh, I loved this house. As I looked through the glass door with the white panes, I could see the layers outside starting with the bright blue pool, the greens of the garden and then deep blue of the sea.

Time for Nothing. Aside from the remoteness of this beautiful beach house (with a rest house plus a cottage included in it), this trip was an escape because I was already thinking of so many things. By this time, I was already halfway through my internship, had my really high high’s and really low low’s, have seen parts of the good and parts of the bad and I just don’t know what to make of everything. And what did I do about it? Nothing. I did nothing yet I ended up in a surprisingly beautiful beach house with a bunch of newly-discovered people (newly-discovered because some life-shattering secrets were revealed sligh lang), swam in the pool, walked on the low-tide shore, watched the sunset, cooked some food, swam again, drank, ate, watched the stars, and then swam again. It was the perfect place, perfect time, perfect weather to do nothing and think of nothing.

I remember telling Cha (It’s her birthday today – Happy birthday Cha!) one time when were in a taxi that this year, which is hopefully my final year, I choose happiness. I choose happiness by giving myself some time to, at that moment I didn’t know what exactly, but maybe now I can say that, at least this semester, I want to give myself time for nothing. Time for something I don’t know at the moment, time for something unplanned, time and eventually opportunities for random things to happen. Iwouldn’t call myself a spontaneous person and since this is a year of (in a way) last chances, I’m going to have a go at it. Why not, right? I always dream of those unexpected  adventures yet I leave no room in my schedule for it. Hence, the schedule for nothing. Who knows where I find myself in. Hopefully in a very good place, maybe even more beautiful than that hidden beach house. Naks, I connected it. Pagbigyan.

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere, I’m afraid that she might think of me as Plain Ol’ Jane told a story about a man who was too afraid to fly so he never did land. -Drops of Jupiter, Train



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