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Internship Post No. 1 – The Brand: So I spent my summer as a L’Oreal Springtern! I was part of the 2012 Groundbreak Program of this famous French multinational. And yes, I am apparently following the footsteps of my brother who interned in the company two  years ago.  We were even interviewed by the same person. Circle of life in action. So for two months, I was a marketing intern for the brand Kiehl’s. Like and follow dear friends – it’s the best brand ever. And when I say that, I mean it. I honestly have never heard of the brand before I started but as soon as I learned about the brand (starting by studying its history through my boss’s orientation and by updating the FB page’s timeline so that it conforms to all the Kiehl’s pages in the world), I fell in love with it completely.

Kiehl’s in Alabang Town Center. My very first time to visit Kiehl’s in the very south of south. I visited this store a number of times during my internship. See Mr. Bones and our KCR Ms. Mae.

Check out the milestones in the FB page if you’re really curious about Kiehl’s history (it has a very colorful history). It started in 1851 in New York. I think I can describe the brand best when I share the three reasons why I love it.

One The fact that it started out a small apothecary is super cool. I’ve seen the pictures of the first Kiehl’s store and the things you find in it. These pictures are also found in the frames inside Kiehl’s stores here. That’s why in any Kiehl’s store you will find test tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks scattered among its products. Kiehl’s was even known to sell “Love Potions” before! How awesome and rare is that? Kiehl’s today stays true to this apothecary beginning. The labels of their products explain the ingredients, procedures and for what skin type the product is for. It’s very straightforward as if the Kiehl’s Customer Representatives weren’t helpful enough. I remember my boss telling me that the friendliest salespeople are from Kiehl’s and I must say she could be very much accurate. They are just so friendly and so helpful. They also wear lab coats and determine your skin type through a quick test.  (I found that I had a combination of dry and oil skin – oily in my T-zone). In all the Kiehl’s in the world, you should also find Mr. Bones – the skeleton that welcomes you when you enter the store. This scientific slash apothecary thing Kiehl’s has going on is just one of the many sides of Kiehl’s – which makes it even more interesting.

Two Since Kiehl’s prides itself to being a community store, it really does give back to the community. They have a Kiehl’s Gives program (I have not personally experienced this during my two month stint) but what I have experienced and observed is how Kiehl’s stays true to its commitment to the environment. For the month of May, the focus was on its Rare Earth Collection. If you remember this post, you would remember I was promoting this FB contest concerning Earth Day. This is just one of the many initiatives Kiehl’s had concerning the environment – we had pledge trees placed inside the stores, they have plastic bins where you can dispose of your old product bottles. Kiehl’s Manila even had this big press event (when it started) which it toured the press around Pasig River as they did many other cute activities like bracelet making and an auction of National Artists’ paintings of the river. This brand is really big on saving the Earth, how can anyone not love that?

Three It is superkaduper quirky. I’m not supposed to say weird (though I say it all the time) because our general manager said that the right word to describe the brand is that it’s quirky. Why? Because Kiehl’s just has so many elements in it that aren’t immediately connected to each other yet find a way to really work well together. In Kiehl’s stores, you find a motorcycle, electric neon lights,  blackboard with cute chalk drawings, a community wall with photos of Kiehl’s customers, prints/stickers/product designs that are very “pop art” inspired while maintaining its apothecary side. It’s awesome. The website’s homepage shows its best as you see the cutouts of the Statue of Liberty that is very pop artsy holding the trademark product Kiehl’s Lip Balm # 1. The quirkiness of the brand makes it such a fun brand to work with. Making the promos were fun despite my initial lack of photoshop skills because the look of the brand is the complete opposite of boring. Coming up with different activities for the months were also quite exciting as they were challenging, because the brand allows you the freedom to do many things. This third reason is the reason why I really loved working with the brand. The brand really made sure that there would be no dull moments in my internship.

For the record, I am not trying to sell you the brand. I’m not even trying to promote it. I simply just want to share one of the biggest reasons (if not the biggest) why this summer had been fun and fulfilling – I seriously (heart) Kiehl’s.

Love for Kiehl’s. Some card or brochure printed on top of the counter in ATC; my L’Oreal Notebook with a very inspired label, thanks to the handy label printer in the office, on top of my really really slow intern laptop.

P.S. Thanks Michelle for placing me in this brand.

 Life can really surprise you when you let it.


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4 thoughts on “Love Potion

    1. My internship was a rollercoaster ride (watch out for my next posts). :)) But Kiehl’s was definitely one of the up sides. 🙂

      And wala akong discount, Kiehl’s rarely give discounts because it’s a luxury brand. Naks, may natutunan ako. 😀 :))

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