The Brains and The Hearts

Internship Post No. 3 – The People: I’m on a roll today. Haha. Last post about my summer internship or spring, as they call it. This will be a photo blog post again. As my friend mentioned before, this will be a “glorified tumblr” post.

The Bosses. (Top) Sheena and Lala for Team Kiehl’s. Woohoo. Thank you for the trust and the patience! These bosses are the best, they’re so fun that it really doesn’t feel like work with them. I guess the age gap is also a huge factor, they’re not much older than me. As Sheena said when I told her about how the flash mob went, “WE’RE SO COOOOL!!!” (Bottom) The HR Team. Yaay. The ever so fahown Michelle on my right and Ms. Sunshine on my left. These people are the happiest and calmest people I see in the office. Thank you for taking care of us! Awesome awesome Groundbreak Program. Proud to have been part of it!

The Springterns of 2012. What else can I say? These people are just awesome. We’ve been warned that we will all be close to each other by the end of the summer, well I guess Michelle was right. Just after the last day, we already had overnights, drinking sessions and the like. What is clingy. Special mention to LPD interns, I had a great summer in our little corner with our extremely slow laptops and press kits, pillows, samples scattered like crazy because I spent it with you. Aww. Haha. Anyway, such a diverse group of people but all crazy on the same level. You know you guys are the best and this summer would have been much quieter if we weren’t together; now, where would be the fun in that?

First Day. First day on the job and we were already clingy! Haha.

Citizen Day: Brigada Eskwela. This is L’Oreal’s Citizen Day for interns. We cleaned classrooms! In Cavite! I would never say no to helping out and well, plus the fact that it’s a road trip helps a lot. Haha. It was a very sunny and dusty day. Who knew things could accumulate so much dust in one summer. Crazy atmosphere. Oh and I also accidentally leaned on a newly painted door. Awesome.

Fashion Week: L’Oreal presents Jerome Salaya Ang. First time in Fashion Week. Yaay. Helped out distributing press kits to editors. Had our makeup done in the two-floor animation thing for L’Oreal Paris. And I must say, Danica Magpantay looked much prettier in person than on print!

Blessing for the newly renovated lounge. Didn’t reach the eating part of the program because I had to rush to ATC.

I owe you a lot friends. Thank you thank you!

I trade my soul for a wish, pennies and dimes for a kiss. I wasn’t looking for this but now you’re in my way.


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