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Internship Post No. 2 – The High’s and The Not-So-High’s: If you asked me in May how I’m finding my internship, I would have said that this is the most perfect job in this whole wide world. If you asked me this June, I would tell you a more realistic answer: This internship for me has been a rollercoaster ride. Marketing for this company was a very exciting job, hands down. It exposed me to the things I love doing but must have forgotten along the way. The internship required plenty of creativity, extreme attention to detail and ultimate OC-ness and time management skills. The job required me to learn photoshop which I have been putting off for the longest time, made me travel north to south to visit the different stores, reconnect with old friends for lots of favors and looove. Basically, it really let me explore a lot of things outside my expectations (probably also because my bosses gave me freedom over many initiatives). There were times I was really sad because I missed a deadline because of a misunderstanding I did not anticipate or  frustrated and frazzled suppliers but now, I must say, there were more times I was just in awe to see some of my ideas or photoshop skilzz come to life; and I guess, even more times when I was walking through the malls with my checklist in hand, feeling oh so very cool like those power girls who get to see so many places and so many faces. The stress was there, most definitely, but I guess that’s what made every single hour of my required 200 hours – and all the other hours that went over and beyond this 200 mark – an adventure. Brace yourselves for the photos.

Highlights or what I’d like to call My Dreams Come True (Chos.)

Kiehl’s What Makes You Rare? Video I remember texting my friend Calvin for ideas and models for this video then somehow we ended up having lunch in Mom and Tina’s, with the list of people who will make it possible such as my awesome model friends + Trixie (our videographer) + DJ (our awesome director and editor). It was a very hot day but I couldn’t care less.


Mother’s Day Though a little crammed, things still made it on time. Check out the face paint, the roses, the tarp and the Kiehl’s boys. Powerpoint slides coming to life! Featuring the Trinoma Kiehl’s Boys and KCRs.

Kiehl’s Highlights Rare Earth  The theme was the amazon forest. Check out the creative creative decorations of our stores (the picture from Greenbelt). Our KCRs are really the best!

Emma Watson for Lancome Launch at Skye. I already talked about this partially in this post. I sort of crashed the event. Haha, just helped out with registration. It was really fun and again seeing all those editors, oh that dream. Here I am with Trixie, DJ and Calvin – the best-est video production team ever. They also covered the Lancome event, check out their video here. May future talaga to, guys.

Midnight Snack with Kiehl’s A blogger event I pitched for the month of June. This took place in Cafe Juanita, a restaurant I have always always wanted to try (I wanted to have my debut photoshoot there but oh well). Fashion and beauty bloggers + me and my boss unite. It was raining hard that night, I crammed buying some props and press kits but ultimately, I was very very happy with the event. I got to meet famous bloggers and the food was just perfect. (Photo from Sarah Tirona of fashioneggplant.com) Check the reviews here, here + here,  and here. I think I’m missing some others but guess there’s some. So so happy when I read these posts. Yaay.

Trinoma Opening Kiehl’s finally opened an actual boutique in Trinoma. It opened the same day with shu uemura so Cha and I forever the stress buddies went to Trinoma to make sure our initiatives happened smoothly. And I think, they did. Thank God for this day. I was really happy things turned out well. Top to Bottom: KCRs holding up the “ribbon”, they tried to stick it across the entrance but it just kept falling down so they just held it, it’s still cute though; the Kiehl’s Trinoma team with the Statues of Liberty and the Kiehl’s boys (my awesome awesome good-looking boy friends)! Funny story: I went to Eastwood and dropped a piece of paper with “Kuya, gusto namin kayo i-hire please text me at ___”, thankfully, they texted two days after! Call Me Maybe ang peg; one of my oldest friends Cy doing her thing for the cute kid. She draws awesome caricatures this girl! Love her and I miss her and I will miss her even more when she moves to NY; Flash Mob at the Activity Center! I asked our MEAniacs choreographers for this. Awesome day.

I’d share some of my photoshop works but I’m sure pro graphic artists will judge why I’m showing them off. But hey, for someone who only knew how to “filter” (charcoal, stained glass, etc haha), those promos are very worthy to share. I think. Haha. Well, just check out the stores, I’m sure they still have some at least til the end of June.

Looking back at these photos, I realize now more than ever that I did have a very colorful internship. I had rainy midnights, extremely sunny video shoots and air-conditioned openings. I entered the internship with no expectations and readied myself to buy coffee and photocopy documents yet I ended up doing such fun and fulfilling things. Who knew? These were definitely good times – countless stories and experiences. I have learned so much from each of the past two months and I assure you that behind each picture lies a number of very very fun, juicy, sweet and insightful stories.

Never regret anything, because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.


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