Sugar and Spice

Meet My Two Girlfriends Who Continuously Inspire Me

The Gazelle. May 23, 2012. Two months later, happy birthday Dorcas! Whatislate. Everybody meet Dorcas – she is the latest person to have made my list of good people. (Really Dorcas, you’re on that list. Haha.) You see I have this list of people, the nicest people I’ve met. These people are the ones who always take the high road, who always have the right advice to give, who always try to influence other people with their goodness. Naks. This girl definitely has a fully functional moral compass and if you don’t know the right thing to do in a situation – do ask her help. Guaranteed she will be there. Even though she has the tendency to magically crawl out of her study desk and land onto her bed (all these while unconscious), you know she would be ready to skip taking a bath because we still had a paper waiting to be printed and submitted. Even though she has this extreme printing curse and cannot print marketing and econ papers on schedule no matter what she or the whole team does, she makes up for it with her brilliance and editing skillzthatkillz. This girl has that burning passion to help people and I’m very glad to see her turning this passion into realities. 

Coming from a year where we were classmates and stressmates in everything – I miss you friend! And I miss your OC skills, our econ topic (or lack thereof) is killing us. Haha. I wish you all the best in this world because I can really say with utmost sincerity – you deserve it. I wish you long and lasting love (a story which you have yet to share), a gold from PANA, high high grades and more meaningful activities in your life! Thank you for always being there and for being my prayer warrior! Feel na feel ko ang prayers mo when I was away. I will see you when we have dinner (we should definitely make this regular)!

P.S. She is a gazelle because Dorcas means a gazelle, right? And her name comes from the Bible. Oh my Bible-reading friend, miss ko na talaga ang spontaneous Bible study sessions natin over lunch and over The Prodigal Son. Haha.

The Challibee. June 18, 2012. To my crazy crazy friend who extremely looks like Jollibee, belated happy birthdaaaay! Whatislateagain. (She may not look like Jollibee here but trust me when she smiles at you freakishly in person you will see the striking resemblance! Haha.) So, meet my friend who looks like the mascot of the leading fastfood chain in the country, she is one heck of a craaazy girl and I don’t think anyone would object. But maybe she’s crazy because she’s super kaduper smart (naks, bawi). Haha. The girl who is game for anything and everything – except failing for a major subject. Props to her for being well-rounded. I seriously think this girl is my bipolar soulmate, I think we should go and see a doctor soon. I have spent the previous year with her as stressmates and I have spent the summer with her as morestressmates and I am spending this semester with her as hopefully lessstressmates. Through the tears of sadness and tears of joy, this girl strongly pulls through while proudly sporting her latest perm and hair color with the matching bandage skirt and that Jollibee smile. (Oh, L’Oreal days.) This girl is crazy but I must say she is hella strong and independent. 

My birthday wish for you is long and lasting love too. I wish that you find that someone who is ready to take care of you and preferably someone who has a car to drive you around. Hoho. I wish that you soon discover what you want to do in life and I wish that you have that eureka moment for your dream business venture. I am willing to invest my small savings! I wish that you get to go to the places you want to go to and I wish that you will be discovered one day walking in a mall or riding a jeep or something – there is some strong hope there!

P.S. She doesn’t really look like the girl in the picture anymore – she got rid of the extensions and the lashes. She has grown into a beautiful mature woman.

To both: I know you will go very very far and I cannot wait to see what you girls will be doing next (nanay?). I am very very very happy and proud to have met you and I’m looking forward to all our future bonding moments together! I chose these pictures because I really like them. Well, I really like Dorcas’ picture here because it’s so SLR-y looking while Cha’s look SLR-y too, I chose it because I couldn’t stop laughing when I discovered your predebut photos. Ganda naman ng friends ko!  Photos by Trixie Conlu and Ria Noche.

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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

4 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice

  1. Kaya pala you kept on asking me kung nakita ko na blog mooo!! hahahaha aaaw, natouch ako! :”> looove you gurl! please change your current crush naaa, please!!! hahaha joke, of course, ill support you :)))

    Annnd am i the spice? hahahaha kk

  2. Grabe, I am out of words! Parang sobrang bait ko naman!! :)) But thank yoooou for seeing through me. And I’ll never ever get tired of being a prayer warrior for anything that you may need. If you think I deserve the best, you deserve even more. 🙂 Here’s to saving the world and making a difference! ❤

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