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Happiness in Banol Beach

Coron, Palawan. October 16-19, 2010. PART TWO. Yaay, I finally get to post the second half of our Coron Trip which I think had the very best parts! For our third day in Coron, we decided to book a ‘packaged tour’ since we had the whole day for island hopping. It cost the same as our customized tour but, in my opinion, this tour was much much better. We visited the famous places: Kayangan Lake (this freshwater lake was just perfect), Banol Beach (where we had our lunch by the beach and ate literally fresh-from-the-sea fish and seaweed), Twin Peaks Lagoon, some shipwreck place, and some other areas where we just kept on snorkeling in the middle of the blue green waters.

And so, since you don’t need much details for Day 3 anyway since all you have to do is just ride the boat, get off the boat, absorb and enjoy the overwhelming beauty around you, then get back on the boat again – I’d just share my favorite moments for these last two days.

Still clueless about Kayangan Lake

One of my most favorite moments was when we were in Kayangan Lake. This is supposed to be the cleanest freshwater body in the country and once you see it, swim in it and snorkel in it, you’d just have to believe your very nice and skilled tour guide (ours used to dive for pearls for a living). And so we got off our boat and walked up some ‘mountain’ and once you get to this part, you’ll get the most awesome view of the waters of Coron. It’s really like you’re looking at a postcard, well, maybe even better.

The view on the way to the lake

 The view was great because apparently the lake was on top of this mountain we were climbing. Who knew? And so after a few steps up and Cha’s destroyed slippers and my rather unfortunate timing of something, we finally arrived at this famous lake. The walk up was definitely worth it, the place was just  beautiful (I seriously have to learn more words). The rock formations were all-around everywhere there and the my eyes couldn’t even  make out where the lake ended. It was a huge place and the water was just perfect for our salt-irritated eyes. It was cool and sting-free. There was barely anything to see under the water though, just some really huge rock formations down there and little black fish, here and there. The real beauty in this place, I guess, is above the water. Surveying the surrounding view takes a while.  Staying upright, thanks to our coastguard-approved life vests, was the best thing to take it all in. It was all to peaceful and beautiful and it was here when I really felt like Coron was so “untouched” that I felt like I was in the set for a Jurassic Park movie. Maybe if someone should continue the franchise, they’d probably shoot in this place. There were also some caves in Kayangan Lake and our tour guide brought us there and helped us take pictures with our rented underwater camera.

Breaking the peace inside the caves

Another one of my favorites was the shipwreck site. This was actually the part I was most excited about, most probably because when I saw the name of the place it was pretty obvious what it was. I have always been curious about shipwrecks because 1) I love seeing old things that stand the test of time (I really like old-fashioned things), and seeing it underwater is just one big bonus 2) Old ships are just so romantic (and not in the lovey-dovey sense, well sure for that too) but in the real sense of the word, I think 3) Ever since I watched Into the Blue where the ending credits explained that there’s so much more undiscovered ships underwater that contain treasure, I have always been fascinated about the thought of treasure hunting underwater. The mere idea of treasure hunting is exciting and to do it underwater! It’s a wonderful world, people. Sadly, though, because we were just mere snorklers (haha), we could barely make out the ship if not for this huge pole sticking out of it. I really have to save up if I’m ever going to dive and maybe someday, I could actually see a whole ship underwater.

My most favorite part was the last stop for our tour – the Twin Peaks Lagoon. I wasn’t excited about this, we even thought we already visited in the day before because something else was named “twin peaks” and I think we just snorkeled there. We almost didn’t go here, thank God for our tour guide who insisted (who’s really awesome and I feel bad for forgetting his name). This place had the clearest water I have ever seen, well taking the whole place into consideration, since the place was huge and it was as clear anywhere as it was in the shallow parts.

At the entrance of the lagoon

Our guide told us that when it’s high tide, you’d have to use the ladder to enter the lagoon but we got there low tide so we just went under those rocks. Entering this place was really the highlight of my Coron trip, once you’ve “stepped” inside, you’re literally surrounded by giant rock formations that had spots of greens here and there. It was beautiful. Jurassic park na talaga. We have no photos inside because our underwater camera died just before we arrived at this place, oh well, maybe it helped because we weren’t distracted taking pictures. The place was so quiet and at some point we were the only ones inside this lagoon. There was an eerie feeling to the place but I guess it was the good type of eerie, a meaningful type of eerie (naks) and let’s leave it at that. You have to go to Coron, even if just to see this place, I absolutely loved this lagoon, nature at its finest, just amazing.

Obligatory photo on top of this raft (which is seen in so many Twin Peaks pictures)

And so after this tiring day, we ate at the restaurant just a few steps away from us, La Sireneta (spellcheck?). I ate pizza haha because I wanted comfort food for that night. Well, we all ate one pizza each. And for our last day, we went to buy pasalubongs for people we love in the world. We first went to Coron Harvest, this famous cashew place some minutes away from the town. We had to ride a trike, and since I’m such a bada-, I rode at the back of the driver and I enjoyed every second that the wind coursed through my sun-damaged hair and I could see the peaceful and wonderful town of Coron and it’s people. When we got to the store, a little girl gave us so many free samples and my favorite one was the cashew brittle. It was still hot from the…oven? Haha, I don’t know exactly but yes it was hot and perfectly sweet! We took one last walk around the town, bought some bracelets, and then rode our van back to the airport.

Thank you for the endless surprises Coron! Don’t ever change please.


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