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Hainanese Chicken and Milk Tea, Singapore. August 31-September 2, 2012. PART 2: THE FOOD! Haha, I realized that 90% of the time what we did in Singapore was just shop and eat. Well I guess it is a perfect place for both, so yaay. This is just going to be a gallery of the different meals we ate in Singapore. All pictures were taken by my brother.

So this Hainanese Chicken place was near my Dad’s friend’s condominium. It’s like this mini cafeteria with these different food stalls. This was my Tito’s favorite so we tried it out. They just literally shout the order from the table where you’re sitting. Very down-to-earth but very good, perfect first meal in Singapore.

This was in some place near Clarke Quay I think. I really really liked this place. It’s just one big food court. Once you step near the place, you will be swarmed by so many vendors, selling their food and handing out their menus. The grills are lined up outside the place and there are a lot of tables set up outside as well. I preferred to eat outside with all the smoke and the noise but somehow we ended up eating in the inside where it’s much quieter and more organized. It took us forever to choose which ones we’d be eating but we finally ended up with an assortment of things (but we only managed to take two pictures) – the satay (chicken, beef and lamb) fresh from the grills outside and this roti from the Indian Cuisine section inside. I’m still amazed at how Indians could eat the roti with just one hand, I tried to do it but failed. Just breaking the roti requires two hands for me. Guess it takes practice. Haha. But again, first dinner in Singapore – different and very very good.

After dinner, we were brought to a Sky bar called Altitude. The view was definitely awesome and the place was very posh, in a sense, I think. Reminded me of some sky bars we’ve seen in HK. It was a little awkward though because this bar was packed with young professionals with party music in the background and there I was with my parents and their friends. So we just sat and looked at the view, after a few minutes of sitting around and seeing a girl drunk and approaching random foreigners like her, we finally ended the awkwardness and headed back to the condo.

Dinner for Day 2: My brother and I ate in some mall and we ended up in its foodcourt. I forgot what I ate but I know it’s something very similar I miss in HK, pork brisket with noodles (I used to eat this all the time in Super Super in Lok Fu) and this huge plate of vegetables because apparently I didn’t get what the vendor was telling me and so I ended up with a huge meal. My brother ate some seafood shizz, as always, but again my dinner was very good. Since we still had cash to burn, we decided to try out this dessert. This is something I remember eating when I came to Singapore for the first time and it’s some local dessert. And as always, I forgot what it’s called, but I’m sure it’s familiar to anyone who’s been to Singapore.

I know I tried to eat some Korean noodle thing for snack this time while my family ate in McDonald’s (because I am still on my one-year commitment to not eat McDo, haha), but I wasn’t able to take a photo. I’m proud, though, that my tolerance for spicy food is slowly increasing, so that’s great. Guess all the spicy food I ate in HK and in Malaysia had something to do with it. I missed trying out laksa though because, believe it or not, I had a hard time looking for a place that was selling it, maybe it was right under my nose and I just failed to see it.

Someone told me once that you should always leave something for you to do when you get back. I’m not sure I necessarily believe this but I guess I was able to leave something in Singapore I hope to try out in the near future: their famous laksa, Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios and anything else this beautiful city comes up with next.

Til next time, Singapore! You’ve been awesome.


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    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂 Yeah, Singapore is awesome! I also got to visit Malaysia once before but only saw Kuala Lumpur. I’d love to go back and see the rest of the country someday. 🙂

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