pf1pf2pf3pf4pf5Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas. Sometime October 2012. The right amount of work (fundraising), sand, sun, beautiful sights and fun people. The weekend was definitely packed with awesome moments – some firsts and some hopefully never-again’s (haha). Calvin and I had to be the responsible ones this weekend, we had no choice but to keep everything and everyone in one piece. [Some] pictures taken in Fuego stays in Fuego with Calvin for potential future uses. Haha.  Kidding and hinting aside, I’ve always liked this place and owning a beach house in a place like this or this is remains to be one of my biggest dreams.

All the lights go down as I crawl into the spaces.


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

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