We have only just begun.


Twelve cupcakes for you! I'm really proud of our "sweet station" for Media Noche as I took charge for the first time in planning this thing. Everything looked colorful and just great, don't have the complete picture though in my laptop. I may not be a great cook, but I'm a great tablesetter!
Twelve cupcakes for you! I’m really proud of our “sweet station” for Media Noche as I took charge for the first time in planning this thing. Everything looked colorful and just great, don’t have the complete picture though in my laptop. I may not be a great cook, but I’m a great tablesetter! Cheers to a year of many firsts!

Of Turning Points. The seventh day of the year is almost up and I have been wanting to write some sort of New Year post for a week now. I wanted to summarize the year 2012 – the year that some people thought would be the last, maybe half of them just treating it as a joke. But I’ve always believed that jokes were half meant and as I heard comments about the famous 2012 or hear myself say “2012 na, time to make the most of it”, I know I’ve always partially believed in it. After all, what was there to lose in trying to make the most out of everything? This is most probably why this 2012 theory caught on pretty quickly and pretty creatively, finding its way through our songs, our parties and even some movies but as December 21 drew near, somehow, the magnitude of the event seemed much smaller and I’m not sure why.

Maybe it was because the idea became more ridiculous as the day drew closer but for me, I think that as the day drew closer, I was pretty happy. It was simple and easy. It was the start of the Christmas break, it was parties and dinners one after the other, there was no time to be sad or to be afraid of tomorrow, there was only time to enjoy the present. And as I try to think  of whether to write about how my 2012 has been or how I hope 2013 will turn out (especially as I’ve been very concerned about the fact that I particularly like looking back at the past and am in love with old-fashioned things at such a young age), I realized that I forgot the whole point of “2012” which everybody has been so crazy about was to live in the moment as if there was none after it.

Many people believe that this year will determine so many things for me and most of my friends – a real job and true love, or  simply, whether we’ll have a real chance at being happy. I exaggerate, of course, but you can’t tell me it’s not true when you trim down the drama. But, I must disagree (after much much thought over the break). While it may be true that some major decisions will have to be made and the consequences could be equally major, it is always comforting to know (and truly believe) that in whatever it is, we have a choice. As the cliche goes, we may not have had a choice with the cards that have been dealt to us, we have the choice how to play it, or something like that.

Plus, I realize now as I was trying to dig up memories for this 2012 rundown/2013 hopes blog post, the things that make me happy did not lie in the ‘major’ things. They have always been in the little things. Sure, I value all the big things I did this year and I am proud and  thankful that I have these but I am equally or even more grateful for the little things, the things you don’t spend days thinking about, those things that happen out of nowhere – that birthday lunch for my friend, that spontaneous sleepover with the people I consider my second family, that moment I finally decided to try out the big cable for the first time after four years, that moment I did my first inversion in anti-gravity yoga and the meals and movies shared with my awesome crazy family, the moments that took me pleasantly by surprise – these were what made me really happy. It is, at the very least, comforting to know that great things, if not the greatest things, can be borne out of random things, out of events that have been set in motion (who knows since when) regardless of whether we thought hard about it, weighed the pros and cons, made a list and checked it twice. #corny

And, so after all that cheesiness above, I just want to say thank you to all the people who have made my 2012 simply awesome and unforgettable. You all have made me a very happy and,  hopefully, a stronger and wiser girl. Of course, this year, I will still make my lists and overthink like crazy because that’s just who I am, but at least, (if I ever learned anything last year) it’s that if my lists end up sitting unchecked in a sad spot in my desk, I know for sure that great things are just around the corner – I just need to keep moving in a positive direction.

And so, to 2013 or the “dawn of the new era” (I’m going with that theory since the world didn’t really end, knock on wood), I really wish you have great things in store for all of us but, whatever they actually are, I promise to always try and be ready for it, with my big smile and lots of courage.

Here’s to a year of taking more risks and reading the newspaper!

Yeah we only just begun. This will be our year, took a long time to come.


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