Onward we go

I swear, Jack Johnson just gets things. “Our dreams, and they are made up of real things like a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned loving.” And that is how I begin my overdue obligatory post about my graduating from college. Haha.

This took longer than expected though because I guess it really wasn’t clear to me what I wanted to write about, I’m actually starting to realize that very few things are truly clear to me – but those few things are all I need to be clear right now. Haha.

I could do the long list of thanks which I guess is expected and is what a graduation post should be. After all, everyone just gets this overwhelming feeling of gratitude that, at the first few moments of “freedom”, can be mistaken for relief. But I don’t want to do an outright thank you post to everyone who helped me through everything because that list is very long and I’d rather take on the challenge to let them know I’m thankful and I love them too. Oh, I hope they already know.

And so, I was left staring at my polaroids that were gathering on top of my dresser cabinet along with my IDs from my different activities, my receipts from who-knows-where, my tickets for movies, plays, concerts, bus rides, stack of free products I’ve gathered over the months and some unpacked bags here and there. The thing is, I am a very sentimental person and I have this ironic way of holding on to things which is probably why my allergies act up the second I enter my room. Haha. I could tell you a story behind every single object in my room (or maybe that’s just because I love sharing stories). I have learned that things, even just a shabby piece of paper, have the capacity to hold so much in them – feelings, images and even smells you thought you’ve forgotten.

Instead of telling you my ever so interesting stories behind the artifacts inside my quaint little room, I’d rather share with you some photos I took ever since my brother gave me my instax, around a year ago. I love polaroids not because they’re hipsturrr or they’re cute; as I told my friend, I like polaroids because they have this unique ability to deliver nostalgia to the extreme. As if those frozen moments (which you can never ever go back to) are not enough to make you happy-sad (yes, not happy/sad but happy-sad), they print the photos in this naturally faded way that just makes it look old. Once more I love old-fashioned things, but more than that, I love precious moments that make me feel they’re history book-worthy.

So here I am at such precious moments with the precious people who made it worthwhile. I am not just throwing the word ‘precious’ around here, they really are precious, the film is expensive so I use them conscientiously. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know. Harhar. Now, I present to you three scanned pages full of looove below.

brochure instax instax2These pictures don’t give justice to my entire college experience or my entire ‘student’ experience (which is what I feel like I’m really saying goodbye to) but I realize now, after more than a month of thinking what to write, maybe nothing ever can and maybe nothing has to.

Years of friendship, challenges and big transformations were never meant to be encapsulated in a page or in a photo or even in a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned loving. Their reality does not depend on whether you were able to take a tangible reminder of the tiniest details about the people or the moments. They don’t need to be stashed away ready to be revisited when you want or need to. [Here comes the cliche!] I’d like to think they will always be there, and no, not just the memories but the actual people who were there with you. They will always be just a phone call away or I hate to say it but, even a tweet away. Though those memories you had are definitely one-of-a-kind, the possibility of creating new memories will always be there, and well now that we’re “free”, I guess the possibilities are a lot more exciting. Haha. I can just imagine.

I usually write about certain events in my life so I can sort of end that chapter in my life, something like that, but this one’s an exception. I really don’t feel the need to close this chapter, I think it is worthwhile to continue this one – after all, I had a pretty good start. : )

P.S. I will still be collecting my polaroids inside a nice wooden box because that’s the way I like it. And, I really have got to get back on writing about my trips! All this cheese is crowding my blog. Haha. Coming up: Cambodia, Boracay and Thailand, or, in other words, my April 2013!

I’d like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

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