The Afterparty


Boracay April 21-25, 2013. Say hello to my cheesy collage that tries to its very best represent the bittersweet week that was. I am no photoshop genius but I try. Haha. As you all know, Boracay is known to be the best beach in world and these pictures hastily meshed together do  no justice to that renowned beauty – but, I found it even harder to put into words the five short days I spent in this beach just chilling, talking, sleeping, drinking, dancing, reminiscing and laughing with people closest to me during my four great years of college. I know it’s been five months since but I could not post anything else without posting about Bora first.

It was full of laughter and photo moments when the sun was high. It was filled with even more laughter when the night came and we partied wherever there was space; but, the afterparty was the real special part of those days. It was filled with wondering where to go next when the bars opened their lights as a signal they were done for the day, it was wondering what to do since nothing was happening in the dark sea, and it was wondering what college story to remember when everyone fell silent sitting on the beach. The few hours before daylight kicked in was the perfect time to take it all in. And I mean all of it. All of the good with the bad, after all, one cannot be understood without the other. For me, it was my chance to think – did I get all of it? Come the morning though (or should I say noon? Haha), I am reminded that we got time, and maybe more importantly, we got friends and in that moment or maybe in most moments – those two were good enough. We will eventually figure it out, maybe some faster than the others, but it will all be okay if not awesome.

I know that I am a rookie of this real world but if there is anything I have learned so far (aside from my newfound kickazz finance skills), it seems that laughter shared with treasured people can and will always save the day.

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. – C.S. Lewis

P.S. I know I am such a drama queen. Bora was hellafuuun and it definitely was not goodbye. But honestly, I really was feeling dramatic that time because we all somehow knew what lies next but nobody knows for sure how that will turn out. Oh this life. And sailing on paraws while the sun set encouraged this dramatic mood even more. But yes, drama aside, it was an awesome almost-week! Everybody should visit Boracay at least once in their lives!!!

P.P.S. The collage is 80% of what I was going for. I think it gives off the same feel if anything. Maybe in my next posts when I can devote more time and when I know more things about this beautiful program called photoshop then I can make better ones! Haha. You have got to stay tuned for that!


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