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Still swimming. I’ve had some pockets of time here and there that I spent writing in the past year. Here is one result of those –  hastily typed before heading to the office on the fifth of December last year. Be kind. Above are photos I took beside the pool in my building.

I woke up at dawn today in an attempt to restore my morning self. I have not been a morning person for a fairly long time (i.e. since the last day of school). And so last night, I determinedly walked to the nearest mall to buy an acceptable swimsuit – a simple black suit that had a shorts cut (if that’s what you call it) which I realize now is very similar to my high school swimming uniform. And so I woke up today to an admirable short-term cause: to wake up early, to swim, to Instagram that swim and to eat breakfast by the pool which together should restore my perky morning self.

My alarm went off at 6 am sharp. I fought with my night self for 15 minutes, sucked it up and let my excitement wake me up for this much anticipated swim. I went down, saw the guard check the empty and still pool, and realized it was pretty dark and cloudy (of course, in my head the night before it was going to be sunny, as in, sunny that you need to put your shades on). It’s alright, I told myself, I was already there and the guard greeted me good morning already. The water turned out to be freezing. Of course it was, with the lack of sun and being December and all.

My brother had told me before that the pool was 4-feet deep on all sides. Somehow I could not just take his word for it and started walking around the walls of the pool. Yup, he was right – 4 feet flat. I looked around and tried to guess the names of the buildings surrounding me and was able to name two. I looked to my left and saw the 27 floors lined with windows and covered by different neutral shades of curtains; it actually made me think of changing our curtains to highlighter pink from the plain orange it is now, though it was sparkly, its sparkle could not be seen from where I was standing or I’m guessing from anywhere outside our room.

I swam around a few times along the perimeter of the pool checking once in a while that the wall was still within my reach; somehow believing that some kind of portal was likely to form in the middle of the pool making it deeper than 4 feet. Well, if that happened, I guess my drowning should be the least of this world’s problems.

After countless goosebumps covered my skin and a few rounds of actual swimming on my own wondering if there was at least one active morning person who swam before going about with his daily duties in this day and age, I resigned to myself that there must not be one in my building at least, dried up in the seat by the pool and walked on up to get ready for work.

When I got to my room and looked out the window, who would have guessed that another guy was swimming in the pool already? And, at that point, all I could really think of was how awkward it would have been if we happened to be together in that lonely and freezing pool.

Maybe I should try night swimming.


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Hi, I'm Timmy. I believe in writing as a therapy, global warming and true love.

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