And then there were four


Anilao, Batangas. May 2-3, 2014. I have been digging around my brain for what to write from my weekend in Anilao with my four best-est girl friends from high school and probably forever (cheese) while running errands under this unbelievable heat in the city, the kind of heat that can only be justified by a beachtrip and a beachtrip there was! Ha!

The task proved to be more challenging than I thought.

Should I write about how absolutely perfect E’s beach house was, with its own little garden graced with bougainvilleas and the two cutest striped blue beach chairs next to an outdoor kitchen covered by beach stones/rocks/shells/whathaveyou just outside this lovely nipa-style cottage with walls built from old plywood and decorated by children’s artworks (but who can tell nowadays, really) with a bathroom with hand-painted stones beside the sink and a punctured bucket for a showerhead? Or should I write about how great it was to swim with blue and silver fishes among corals that looked liked giant brains and this peculiar blue starfish that seemed to appear every 5 meters? Or maybe it would be more interesting to write about how convinced we were that Cel was singing “Part of Your World” in her head as she was snorkeling to the far side of the shore? Or  should I write about this cool, charming, hipster-y resort called Lilom just right next to the beach house that had two cute pools, hammocks and a cottage named tuko?

Two days spent with my four best girls in a beautiful place was definitely something special which is why the difficulty of trying to find a read-worthy way to write about it came as a surprise. I realized that the problem with choosing one thing to share is not that it paints an incomplete picture but an insincere one. I knew from the beginning that what made the weekend great, at least for me, was our post-dinner conversations as Maricor was earnestly braiding our sunkissed hair – it was when we could talk about our ever so colorful high school past, our college past when keeping tabs one each other was challenging and our plans or maybe non-plans for the future. I could tangibly hear, feel and see how we have grown and changed; our 9-year friendship has placed us in the metaphorical viewing deck where a panoramic view of our lives was available. The maturity of our conversation was balanced out with the crafty use of the word chos and a few awkward giggles here and there – it had to be or else it wouldn’t be us. And along with our other precious memories, occasional judge-y comments and, of course, our secret and not-so-secret old and/or present loves (it apparently is hard to tell), that post-dinner conversation in the dimly-lit outdoor kitchen in that perfect beach house will remain among the four of us forever – or maybe in another 9 years when we have piled on heaps of maturity so we can find a way to talk about it with confidence. One thing’s for sure though, I will always love these girls (cheese).

And so I guess I will have to settle with sharing how beautiful the beach house was and, of course, Anilao, known to be one of the best dive spots in the country – both were just awesome. 🙂


Trip details: You can get to Anilao via bus to Batangas City (Php180), 1 jeepney ride to the diversion and then 1 jeepney ride to Bauan (~Php40) and then 1 trike ride to Lilom (Php200 for 1 trike, 1 trike can ride 4 people). We stayed in E’s beach house, as I mentioned, alternatively, though you can stay in Lilom, the coziest resort in Anilao with 7 cottages and 2 small pools, food, snorkeling gear and the friendliest staff!

“Every ending is a beginning.”


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